5 Amino-1MQ Therapy

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As we age, our bodies function less efficiently in several ways. One of the ways our bodies decline is in our ability to burn fat to use as energy. Instead, the fat we manufacture continues to be stored, and eventually clogs our arteries, increases our risk of disease, and reduces our quality of life. Hormones and peptides, which naturally occur in the body, can help prevent these life-limiting signs of aging, including obesity.

What is Age Management?

Age Management is taking proactive measures to prevent the degenerative signs of aging so you can continue to live your best life. It is largely achieved with hormone optimization and peptide therapies along with lifestyle changes.  Peptides are strings of amino acids that occur naturally in the body. Each peptide serves a specific function. Some peptides have demonstrated their potential for improving signs of aging.

What is the 5-Amino-1MQ Peptide?

As we age, our bodies don’t burn fat as effectively as they used to. The 5-Amino-1MQ peptide is considered ideal as an ingredient for anti-obesity medications. When combined with a ketogenic or low-calorie diet, using 5-Amino-1MQ may trigger your body to burn more fat, which includes fat that you consume and your stored body fat.

The Carragher Method

The Carragher Method, developed by Dr. Mike Carragher, is a highly effective strategy for Age Management, which incorporates peptide therapy as part of many of the protocols he creates for his patients. With help from Dr. Carragher and The Carragher Method, a better life could be within reach.

You may experience results such as:

  •       Higher confidence
  •       Better moods
  •       More energy
  •       Longer life
  •       Improved health
  •       Less risk of disease

To find out if The Carragher Method of 5-Amino-1MQ peptide therapy is right for you and to learn more about how it could improve your quality of life, book a consultation with Dr. Carragher today!

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