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As men get older, key hormone levels begin to decline.  This process is known as andropause, or “male menopause.”

For most men, the symptoms of hormonal decline worsen over time,  but most men do experience fatigue, weight gain, muscle loss, decreased libido or sexual function, insomnia, depression, and more. We just feel like we are having a harder time keeping up with guys younger than us.

The Carragher Method at our men’s health clinic offers anti-aging solutions to help with these symptoms through individualized treatment plans based on your specific symptoms and needs. Learn more about the Carragher Method’s men’s health solutions today!

About The Clinic

Providing advanced, concierge men’s medical services, Dr. Mike Carragher and his team specialize in providing concierge men’s medical services with an emphasis on hormone replacement therapy and anti-aging.

We are a team of experts and highly qualified staff that make up what is widely regarded as one of the premier men’s health clinics nationwide focused on male wellness care.

What Should I Expect From An Appointment?

First, we will send a phlebotomist to your home or office to draw a comprehensive lab panel. Once your results are complete, you will have an appointment with Dr. Carragher, where he’ll take a detailed medical history and review your health questionnaire as well as your goals.  He will interpret your labs with you and recommend a personalized treatment plan that will best help you meet your goals and optimize your hormonal levels.

How Do You Treat Andropause/Men’s Hormonal Decline?

Andropause, or “male menopause”, refers to the decline in key hormones in aging men. Hormonal decline with age can cause weight gain, muscle and strength loss, fatigue, decreased sex drive and sexual function, insomnia, irritability, memory problems, and other issues.

Although there are a multitude of supplements on the market claiming to treat andropause symptoms naturally, many of these remedies simply mask symptoms while others produce undesirable side effects.

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