Sea Vegetables: Different Superfoods!

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sea vegetables

It’s easy to think that farm-grown vegetables are the only option for nutritious produce. Well here’s something else to consider. The next time you go to your local grocery or health food store, ask to check out these superfoods you might be missing: sea vegetables. Sea vegetables and seaweed are very similar. They are both forms of marine plants or algae that grow in oceans … Read More

Should I Do Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy effects in the mind

Should I Do Testosterone Replacement Therapy? You may be asking yourself, “should I do testosterone replacement therapy?” Well, to answer that question, it is important to understand what it is, what the benefits are, and more. For starters, many factors contribute to making a man more “manly.” One of those essential factors is testosterone. The optimal level of testosterone’s presence in the body enhances your … Read More

Anti-Aging Benefits of Strength Training and Weight Lifting

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weightlifting and aerobic exercise

  Anti-Aging Benefits of Strength Training and Weight Lifting The sad truth is that most physicians are severely undertrained when it comes to nutrition and exercise, two of the most crucial components to preventing and treating disease.  During my medical training, we received TWO DAYS of training on nutrition and FIVE DAYS on exercise, if that.  After you read this short article, you will probably … Read More

What is a Hormone?

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human body with hormones

Hormone Definition A hormone is a chemical produced in one area of your body that travels to another area to produce a physiological effect. Hormones govern many crucial body functions including: sexual stimulation, growth, metabolism, lean muscle and fat mass,  emotions, disease prevention and more. Hormones have complex interactions which help us to feel healthy, strong, and vital. Beginning in our late 20s and early … Read More

The Skinny on Body Fat

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tape measure and scale

Body fat – it’s a topic that’s almost impossible to avoid in America. Messages inundate us about losing body fat and learning how to tone up and sculpt our muscles, from television commercials to magazine articles. But what does body fat mean? What role does it play in overall health? Is there any truth to all the hype? What is the truth about body fat?  … Read More

How to Increase Your HGH Levels Naturally

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increasing hgh levels chart

Human growth hormone (HGH) is a vital component of the human endocrine system. HGH makes your body grow taller when you are young, builds muscle mass, and helps your body to produce proteins. The pituitary gland releases growth hormones after you fall asleep or are under stress to help regulate these functions. Natural ways, such as resistance training and eating a balanced diet loaded with … Read More

6 Factors For Optimal Hormone Health in Men

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6 Factors For Optimal Hormone Health in Men

When discussing men’s health, the topic of testosterone levels is all too often the main focus of the conversation. What most people fail to realize is that there are many hormones affected by aging and a multitude of factors that contribute to healthy hormone levels in men. Age is an inevitable factor in our lives but we can choose to live our best lives by … Read More