Can HGH Help Burn Body Fat?

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Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a natural hormone that is produced by your pituitary gland. As you age, the level of HGH in your body declines. As HGH declines you can experience an increase in body fat, lack of energy, and decreased lean muscle mass, as well as other symptoms. However, by increasing HGH production or with prescription HGH, you can burn unwanted body fat. … Read More

When an Egg is not an Egg: What’s on Your Breakfast Plate?

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This is a guest post from The Body Well’s nutritionist Margaret Floyd. Find out more at Today let’s talk about eggs. I love them. I eat them almost every day. In many ways they are among nature’s most perfect and complete foods. And yet, an egg is not always an egg. How naked is your morning breakfast? Well that depends on just what kind … Read More


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About exercise, anyway. The sad truth is that most physicians are severely undertrained when it comes to nutrition and exercise, two of the most crucial components to preventing and treating disease. After you read this short article, you will probably know more about exercise than your doctor. So my suggestion? Read it and then give it to your doctor so he or she can be … Read More

Comprehensive Age Management Medicine Including Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

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Live the life you deserve, beginning today! Are you beginning to lose your edge? Feeling less energetic? Gaining weight around the middle despite your best efforts? Is your skin less supple and smooth, becoming more wrinkled? Your libido and sexual performance declining? Do you wish you could look and feel vital, active, and youthful again? I was experiencing these symptoms and feeling this way, beginning … Read More