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There is a misconception surrounding Age Management. Some people believe the goal is to look young forever or live to be 150 years old. It’s widely believed to stem from vanity, however, this is not the case. Age Management is centered around helping you feel better at any age through maintaining healthy habits and supplementing what’s been lost with aging with hormones and peptides that restore and regenerate your tissues and cells.

What is BPC-157 Peptide Optimization?

BPC-157 is a peptide consisting of 15 amino acids. It has several restorative properties and provides a range of anti-aging benefits. Therapy with BPC-157 peptide has numerous positive effects on the body, including accelerated wound healing, boosted hormone production, increased collagen production, improved brain cognition, heart protection, urinary incontinence relief, as well as tendon-to-bone and ligament repair.

How Does The Carragher Method Work?

Dr. Carragher focuses on improving the quality of life at any age. In addition to hormone and peptide therapies, The Carragher Method aims to optimize nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle, which affect how efficiently your body functions. 

Even if you do everything right, the hormone reduction that occurs as we age may get in the way of you living to your greatest potential. To combat this, Dr. Carragher supplements his patients with hormones, such as the BPC-157 peptide, to help reverse bodily damage, improve gut health, enhance brain cognition, as well and boost immunity and DNA repair.

Typical results include:

  •       Reduced fatigue
  •       Effective weight management
  •       Loss of body fat
  •       More restful sleep
  •       Increased sex drive and performance
  •       Decreases risk of serious health conditions, such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer
  •       Dementia prevention
  •       Greater bone density
  •       General feelings of wellness

If you want to optimize your body with BPC 157 peptide therapy and The Carragher Method so you can feel your best, book a consultation with Dr. Carragher today!

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