Mitochondrial Decay and Aging – Part 1

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This is the first of a two-part blog on cellular and mitochondrial decay and aging. This week I’ll talk about mitochondrial decay and how exercise affects mitochondrial and cellular health. In Part Two, I will talk about specific peptides and other interventions that improve mitochondrial and cellular function. Something often overlooked when addressing the process of aging is the health of your body at the … Read More

Testosterone in Women: What You Need to Know

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  When you hear about testosterone, you may think it’s only a hormone for men. However, testosterone plays a huge role in women’s health and daily life as well. Just like men need estrogen, women need testosterone. As you age, your testosterone level will decline.  By age 40, your testosterone level can be half as much as it was in your 20s.  Here are a … Read More

How Low Testosterone Can Affect Your Sex Life

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When most guys think of testosterone, they think of big-guy toughness and strength on the barbells. But, testosterone plays a much more significant role in men’s health and daily life. Its role is an important one: it’s the primary sex hormone for men, playing a key part in the development and maintenance of sex organs, as well as sexual characteristics like muscle mass and body … Read More

Dr. Mike Carragher Named Again on Los Angeles Magazine’s 2021 List of Top Doctors

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Los Angeles Magazine explains that in this region there are a number of cutting-edge medical institutions and highly skilled doctors. Therefore, “the idea is to tap into the wisdom of professionals who know medicine and know the people working within it,” according to Los Angeles Magazine. Dr. Carragher has built one of the most robust Age Management Practices in the country. This acknowledgement highlights the expertise, … Read More

Insulin Resistance and How To Avoid It!

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  Many patients want to work with me because they want to lose weight.  While there are obvious benefits to losing weight such as having more energy, fitting better in your clothes, or just being comfortable in your own skin, losing weight is also crucial in maintaining your long-term health. There are some less obvious reasons why keeping your weight managed can help you avoid … Read More

Dr. Mike’s Top 5 Ways to Burn Body Fat

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Many patients ask me how to lose unwanted body fat.  As many of you realize (or will realize), as we age, it becomes increasingly difficult to do.  But it isn’t impossible! Actually, it’s quite possible when armed with the right information. In addition to looking better, feeling more energetic and sexy and having more self-confidence, decreasing body fat results in a decreased LDL (bad) cholesterol, … Read More

Dr. Lindsey Berkson and Dr. Mike Talk Hormones in Men

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  I was recently asked to be interviewed by Dr. Lindsey Berkson, host of Best Health Podcast, on the benefits of hormone replacement for men. Men are frequently told that their hormone levels are “normal” by their physicians, even though they have all the symptoms of hormonal decline. Their doctors are often all too unaware that it’s not just a lab number that indicates hormone deficiency or … Read More

Dr. Mike Carragher Named to Los Angeles Magazine’s 2018 Top Doctors

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                        Los Angeles Magazine and Professional Research Services conducted an exclusive peer-review survey to determine the doctors deemed the best in their field of practice by their colleagues. Dr. Carragher was  selected in their first annual, peer-review survey sent to certified doctors within Los Angeles County. Los Angeles’ Top Doctors are chosen through a rigorous … Read More