Debunking the Myth Between Testosterone and Heart Attacks

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                Poor testosterone! After an eye-grabbing article linking heart attacks and testosterone therapy together, there has been much fear and hysteria surrounding testosterone and heart attacks and what this means for our patients. Lucky for you, The Carragher Method can help dispel the rumors about testosterone causing heart attacks, and the problems with this study.  Since making news … Read More

Health Benefits of Melatonin: How the Sleep Hormone Can Help Anti Aging

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Melatonin: you have probably either taken it, read something about it, or even heard it thrown around by friends with regard to jet-lag or insomnia. But do you truly know what the health benefits of melatonin are, and are you aware of how melatonin may help with longevity? If not, you’re in the right place! We are here to give you the answers to questions … Read More

Anti-Aging Benefits of Strength Training and Weight Lifting

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weightlifting and aerobic exercise

  Anti-Aging Benefits of Strength Training and Weight Lifting The sad truth is that most physicians are severely undertrained when it comes to nutrition and exercise, two of the most crucial components to preventing and treating disease.  During my medical training, we received TWO DAYS of training on nutrition and FIVE DAYS on exercise, if that.  After you read this short article, you will probably … Read More

6 Factors For Optimal Hormone Health in Men

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6 Factors For Optimal Hormone Health in Men

When discussing men’s health, the topic of testosterone levels is all too often the main focus of the conversation. What most people fail to realize is that there are many hormones affected by aging and a multitude of factors that contribute to healthy hormone levels in men. Age is an inevitable factor in our lives but we can choose to live our best lives by … Read More

Mitochondrial Decay and Aging – Part 1

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This is the first of a two-part blog on cellular and mitochondrial decay and aging. This week I’ll talk about mitochondrial decay and how exercise affects mitochondrial and cellular health. In Part Two, I will talk about specific peptides and other interventions that improve mitochondrial and cellular function. Something often overlooked when addressing the process of aging is the health of your body at the … Read More

5 Easy Ways To Raise Your HGH Levels

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Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a hormone that has many critical physiologic functions in the human body. It has been the hormone associated with being the “fountain of youth” and sought out to provide “anti-aging” effects. While it does reduce the physical signs and symptoms of aging, it also reduces the risk of developing the most common diseases associated with aging. As we age, many … Read More

You’ve Heard About “Low T” But What About “Low E”?

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Estrogen: An Unlikely Player As most men approach middle age, the seemingly inevitable starts to occur: we gain weight around the waistline, sexual desire starts to wane, we’re unable to lift as much weight at the gym, and we seem to simply have a harder time keeping up with the younger guys. And most of us – doctors included – think that loss of testosterone … Read More

Why Pregnenolone?

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Pregnenolone is a frequently overlooked player when it comes to optimizing hormones in men and women. From improving your mood to losing stubborn mid-section fat, this hormone plays a crucial role. But it never seems to get the attention that testosterone, DHEA, estrogen, progesterone or even cortisol get.  And this is despite the fact that they are all formed from pregnenolone, which is why it is … Read More