Dr. Mike Carragher Shines on Los Angeles Magazine’s 2020 ‘Top Doctors’ List

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Dr. Mike Carragher.

Finding a physician in a big city such as Los Angeles isn’t always easy. Los Angeles Magazine recently lent a hand, producing its annual Top Doctors listing for 2020.

Dr. Mike Carragher was selected again by his professional medical colleagues as a Top Doctor, having earned the distinguished designation for the past several years as well. The results were based on a peer-reviewed survey of practicing physicians throughout Los Angeles County, who were asked to identify the doctors they deemed best in their field.

Los Angeles Magazine explains that in this region there are a number of cutting-edge medical institutions and highly skilled doctors. Therefore, “The idea is to tap into the wisdom of professionals who know medicine and know the people working within it,” according to the Los Angeles Magazine.

This acknowledgement highlights the expertise, commitment and compassion that Dr. Carragher brings to the scientifically based approach of Age Management Medicine. With a proactive focus on prevention to ensure optimal human function and quality of life, every effort is made to slow the process of degeneration of the body that comes with aging.

“We are extremely pleased with the results and the recognition from other respected physicians within our community,” said Dr. Mike Carragher. “In many ways this accomplishment also shines a spotlight on the importance of Age Management Medicine and the impact this medical specialty has on helping men and women live a very high quality of life as they age.”

Dr. Carragher uses The Carragher Method™, a healthy aging plan he developed, which includes cutting-edge hormone optimization protocols, Intelligent Physical Fitness to optimize fat loss and hormone utilization, and a specific eating plan, which is not a diet, but an approach to nutrition that is both sustainable and geared toward supporting their hormones. The Carragher Method™ also incorporates lifestyle support in the areas of sleep and stress management.

To book an evaluation with Dr. Carragher, please call us at 323-874-9355 or email info@carraghermethod.com.

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