Should I Do Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy effects in the mind

Should I Do Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

You may be asking yourself, “should I do testosterone replacement therapy?” Well, to answer that question, it is important to understand what it is, what the benefits are, and more. For starters, many factors contribute to making a man more “manly.” One of those essential factors is testosterone.

The optimal level of testosterone’s presence in the body enhances your sexual drive, helps you grow facial and pubic hair, improves your mood, and sharpens your cognitive ability. In short, testosterone directly or indirectly affects all those body components that are often so important in the life and personality of a man.

It’s not that women don’t have testosterone in their bodies, but it’s predominantly a male hormone. Ovaries release testosterone into the bloodstream of women but in small quantities. In contrast, men’s testicles generate this hormone in large amounts resulting in shaping masculine characteristics in the person.

Your body knows what it requires, and it naturally produces those chemicals. But with time, your body’s competence in making testosterone debilitates.

When you cross the age of 30, testosterone declines by 1 percent every year. This happens naturally. But if you’re afflicted with lifestyle diseases or have been consuming unhealthy food for a long time, the probability of having low-level testosterone is high for you.

You may feel fatigued, notice muscle weakness, see fat gain, especially in the midsection, or experience memory loss when your testosterone level is disrupted.

The Carragher Method can help you with these symptoms. They will measure your testosterone level and guide you accordingly on whether you should take testosterone replacement therapy or not. They will help you answer your next question of “is testosterone therapy right for me?”

Testosterone replacement therapy may be right for you for various reasons ranging from looking younger to improving your sex life to gaining muscle mass and burning fat.

Let’s first understand how taking testosterone replacement therapy can benefit you.

Benefits of Increasing Your Testosterone Level- Why Testosterone Therapy?

  1.   Makes your Heart Healthy

Your health is directly related to the healthy blood flow in your body, and your muscle growth also increases when you receive oxygen and blood.

The heart is responsible for pumping blood to other organs, but your heart can only pump efficiently if it remains strong. That’s why testosterone is so important, as  it helps your heart beat more strongly and efficiently. 

Having low testosterone in the body can cause cardiovascular diseases.

Several studies have found that testosterone replacement therapy improves the heart health of people who are suffering from heart disease or have had heart attacks. It even increased the strength of the heart muscle. After the therapy, heart disease patients’  ability to walk increased by 33 percent.

Optimal testosterone level also decreases the risk of stroke.

  1.   Helps You Gain Muscle Mass

The right level of testosterone helps you grow muscles in the body and maintain a healthy weight by enhancing the potential of your body to burn fat.

It keeps you leaner, and you’ll notice a significant increase in your strength. Low testosterone reduces your efficiency in absorbing nutrients from food. Thus, your body collects fat around the belly.

Getting testosterone therapy can help you in losing fat and gaining muscle mass. Studies have revealed that doing anaerobic exercise (e.g. weight lifting, HIIT training) along with taking testosterone therapy boosts your strength and stamina.

  1.   Makes Your Bone Stronger

As you grow old, bone density decreases. You become prone to fractures because the depleting testosterone brings down the mineral density in the bones.

You also suffer from joint pains, and your body movement slows down drastically.

This is where testosterone comes into play. A lot of research shows that high levels of testosterone strengthens hip and spinal bones by increasing mineral density. This eliminates the risk of having a weak body structure in old age. It keeps you young and makes you more athletic.

  1.   Sharpens Your Memory and Cognitive Ability

It is common to suffer from loss of memory or Alzheimer’s disease when you grow old. But the major benefit of maintaining a high level of testosterone is it reduces this risk. When your muscles are growing, bones are strong, and your heart is healthy, your risk of memory loss decreases. Testosterone also converts to estrogen in your body, which helps protect you from brain degeneration.  This is what numerous studies claim.

There are several pieces of evidence that show high testosterone levels improve cognitive ability and verbal memory. Testosterone replacement therapy is really beneficial for most aging men.

  1.   Improves Sex Life

Testosterone and libido are correlated. A man’s sexual activity is significantly dependent on his testosterone level (as well as other hormone levels). 

Strong levels of testosterone are responsible for causing strong erections resulting in living a good sexual life. That’s one of the reasons why it’s suggested that you should consider testosterone therapy.

  1.   Makes Your Mood Lively

High testosterone fills you with feelings of joy and constantly keeps your mood cheerful by stimulating the sensation of positivity in your behavior. Your attitude is relatively associated with testosterone levels. So, its presence gives men a better overall sense of well-being. As a result, your quality of life significantly improves.

Keeping this in mind, many men decide to opt for testosterone replacement therapy, and it immensely helps them in getting rid of lower mood and motivation..

Is Testosterone Therapy Right for Me?

This therapy remarkably enhances the health of men who suffer from decreased testosterone. But it is difficult for men to self realize that their testosterone level is low.

So, here are some symptoms that signal you that your testosterone level might be low:

  1.   Low Desire for Sex
  2.   Difficulty with Erections
  3.   Fat Gain
  4.   Poor Hair Quality
  5.   Fatigue
  6.   Muscle loss
  7.   Weaker Bones
  8.   Mood Changes
  9. Memory Loss

The Carragher Method

The Carragher Method has a track record of successful testosterone replacement therapies. They offer personalized age management protocols under the expertise of Dr. Carragher. They will first examine you and then guide you in the right direction for your overall well-being. If you are interested in a hormonal evaluation and consultation contact us at 323-874-9355 or email today!

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