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Sermorelin Therapy and The Carragher Method

Perhaps you’ve heard of sermorelin therapy, but you don’t know how it works or what it does. If so, you’re not alone! The Carragher Method often uses sermorelin hormone replacement therapy as part of their longevity and anti-aging treatment plan to reverse the signs and symptoms of aging, improve hormonal balance, and restore vitality to your life.

Our holistic age-management approach to aging well means that when we restore healthy hormone levels with this treatment, we support your body in getting healthier and decreasing age-related disease risk too!

What Is Sermorelin Hormone Therapy?

Sermorelin therapy is an injectable hormone therapy used to help restore your youthful vitality by stimulating your own body’s production of human growth hormone (HGH). It’s derived from a peptide that occurs naturally in your body, which means it’s safe and effective when used correctly. The goal of using sermorelin is to increase or restore your own levels of growth hormone in order to get the health benefits of healthy HGH levels.

The Carragher Method specializes in personalized plans on how to administer sermorelin hormone optimization or sermorelin hormone replacement therapy.

Benefits of Sermorelin Hormone Therapy

Sermorelin hormone replacement therapy helps you combat many of the signs and symptoms of aging, like low energy levels and memory loss by supporting healthy HGH hormone levels. Other benefits include reduced-fat around your abdomen, increased muscle tone, healthy cholesterol levels, improved sleep patterns, and improved skin thickness and health.

By restoring balance to your body’s hormones, you can go about your daily life feeling and looking more youthful.

The Carragher Method to Help Administer Sermorelin

There are several forms of human growth hormone (HGH) therapies in use today. But HGH replacement is not for everyone. It requires a comprehensive assessment of symptoms, medical history, and lab work to determine whether HGH is right for you or whether a HGH-releaser like sermorelin is more appropriate.  That’s why Dr. Mike Carragher offers sermorelin therapy to patients suffering from age-related declines in hormone levels.

It isn’t just about getting older; certain diseases such as heart disease and bone loss may be a result of loss of key hormones. So whether you are suffering from a lack of HGH production due to age or another medical condition, sermorelin therapy can help restore youthful levels of this critical hormone to your system.

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