The Skinny on Body Fat

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Body fat – it’s a topic that’s almost impossible to avoid in America. Messages inundate us about losing body fat and learning how to tone up and sculpt our muscles, from television commercials to magazine articles.

But what does body fat mean? What role does it play in overall health? Is there any truth to all the hype? What is the truth about body fat? 

This article will help you cut through the buzzwords and get the truth about body fat. So read on to learn more about its causes, effects, and how you can reduce yours today! You’ll also learn how The Carragher Method of Age Management & Hormonal Optimization can help control the correct fat levels.

tape measure and scale

What Is Body Fat?

Body fat refers to an excess of adipose or fatty tissue, which is a fancy way of saying fat. Your body stores excess calories in as adipose tissue and has a limited capacity for doing so; as it fills up, you gain weight.

Women typically have more fat than men because they have higher estrogen levels, and women tend to store more in their hips and thighs than men do. But it can be stored in various places in your body.

Use the Right Term: Body Fat, Not Weight

The two terms aren’t synonymous. Weight is a measure of gravity. It’s how much you pull down a scale. So to say you weigh 150 pounds means that 150 pounds will cause your weight to dip from its peak if you stand on a scale.

The number alone doesn’t help assess whether or not you have body fat, though. That’s because muscle, bone & water  also affect scale weight.

So if you have more muscle and less fat than someone else with a similar height and build, you might weigh more but still be at a lower risk for disease than someone with more fat in their physique.

5 Health Benefits of Losing Body Fat

There are many benefits of losing body fat, including:

1.  Feeling Confident

Everyone knows someone who’s lost weight and looks great, right? When you lose body fat, your clothes will fit better, and you’ll be able to move more freely without constantly being aware of your body in a particular outfit. And let’s face it: confidence is sexy!

2. Better Health and Lower Risk for Disease

Losing body fat reduces risk factors for most diseases and increases the health-related quality of life over time. This is arguably one of the biggest benefits of losing body fat.

3. More Energy

Do you ever get winded just walking up a flight of stairs? When you lose weight, your heart will be healthier and more efficient, providing more oxygen to your cells, which means you’ll have plenty of energy to get through your day!

4. Better Moodgood moods

Numerous studies show that those who lose body fat often experience improved moods thanks to increased serotonin levels in their brains (which lowers anxiety and depression).

5. Longer Life

Weight loss reduces risk factors for many diseases like heart disease, diabetes, stroke, some cancers, and high blood pressure that can lead to early death—making weight loss one of THE BEST anti-aging strategies! 

And these are just a few of the many benefits of losing body fat- the possibilities and advantages are truly endless!

Hormones and Body Fat – What’s Normal?

It’s all about hormones. A hormone is a chemical produced in one area of your body and affecting another. They are responsible for sending messages to different parts of your body, so it can hurt your health if something is out of balance. For example, estrogen levels influence appetite and how you burn fat.

Estrogens play a role in weight loss by determining where you store your fat: Your abdominal region contains more bad visceral fat – the kind associated with increased risk factors for heart disease – in men. In contrast, women typically store more fat in their thighs and buttocks than men.

Other hormones that affect body fat include:

  • Insulin – If you’re overweight, you may have too much insulin in your bloodstream. This hormone is released by your pancreas and helps move sugar from food into cells for energy or storage as fat. If your body has to produce excess insulin, you may store extra calories as fat – especially if it’s consumed frequently and in large quantities.
  • Ghrelin – Your stomach produces ghrelin when it’s empty and sends it to your brain, where it stimulates hunger. If you have too much ghrelin in your body, you may overeat because of a perceived food shortage (even if there is food available).
  • Leptin – This hormone is produced by fat cells and tells your brain how much energy you have stored in fat cells. Too little leptin can cause weight gain; too much can lead to eating disorders or problems with appetite control.
  • Cortisol – Like ghrelin, cortisol stimulates hunger, but it also mobilizes energy stores in an emergency (fight or flight response). If it’s not burned off from physical activity, excess cortisol is converted into more body fat.
  • Prolactin – Too much prolactin can be caused by stress or certain medications—it signals your body to stop burning calories because it thinks there’s plenty available for when a baby comes along.

Hormones and Body Fat – What’s Not Normal?

Have you ever wondered why it seems that some people have more body fat than others? Or why, even if you’re very active, you can’t seem to lose those extra inches of fluff around your midsection?

The truth is that most people don’t know that crucial hormones are responsible for burning fat. When these hormones are balanced out by eating correctly and exercising regularly, weight loss will occur.

burn fat

However,  when hormones like estrogen or testosterone aren’t balanced correctly in our bodies, we find ourselves having problems with excess body fat and being unable to lose them.

That said, you can use The Carragher Method of Hormone Optimization to lose excess body fat. The Carragher Method can also help optimize your hormones to alleviate the symptoms that come with aging and promote vitality.

How do I Know If My Hormones Are Out of Balance?

If you feel like you’re constantly hungry even though you just ate, if you are fatigued, have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, if you have difficulty losing body fat or building muscle, or if your moods are riding roller coasters all day long, it could be a sign that your hormones aren’t in balance.

Though it can take years to put on excess body fat, some people put it on overnight with a hormonal imbalance- and no amount of dieting will help them lose it until they fix what’s causing those imbalances in the first place.

So when we talk about diets affecting your hormones, high-fat is one thing, but high sugar and alcohol are more often at fault for hormonal havoc.

How to Estimate Body Fat Percentage

Body fat is an essential part of human survival. A lack of body fat can cause death. Only when excess amounts of body fat begin to accumulate that health problems arise. However, determining what constitutes excess can be difficult for many people since everyone is different.

There are several ways you can estimate your body fat percentage. But the most common include:

  • BMI charts
  • Bioimpedance analysis
  • Calipers to measure areas like your waist, arms, and neck

Combined with other health information and measurements, these tests can give you an accurate picture of your body fat percentage. They’re easy to use, inexpensive, and widely available. However, it’s more likely to be uncomfortable and inaccurate because it’s more direct than other methods.

Tips for Losing Body Fat

First and foremost, if you’re trying to lose weight, you must exercise regularly. Exercise is key to losing body fat. Regular workouts increase your metabolism, which in turn increases fat loss; even better, regular exercise also strengthens your muscles and bones so that your body burns more calories throughout each day.

A second key to losing body fat is keeping a food journal. By logging your meals and snacks, you can identify where you’re going wrong and adjust accordingly.

There are many ways to keep track of what you eat, but one of the best ways to lose excess body fat and stay healthy is an anti-aging program called The Carragher Method. Learn more about this Age Management program below.

Losing Body Fat with The Carragher Method

Want to control the hormones that lead to excess body fats? The Carragher Method is a natural, hormone-based Age Management program for those who want to lose body fat, stay healthy, and feel good about themselves.

The main focus of The Carragher Method is controlling hormone levels through specific hormonal interventions including hormone therapy, exercise and nutrition. By reducing, replacing, or optimizing thyroid, human growth hormone (HGH), testosterone, DHEA, and other hormones, patients of The Carragher Method can significantly reduce body fat.

It’s a tested and trusted anti-aging program developed by Dr. Mike Carragher– a certified Age Management specialist – to help adults control their body fat levels, reduce weight, stop feeling tired all of the time, reduce stress, and anxiety.

The benefits of The Carragher Method include better energy, improved strength, decreased body fat, better sex, healthier joints, younger-looking skin, better memory and concentration, and decreased disease risk.

Book a consultation with Dr. Carragher to learn more on the truth about body fat and how we can help you change your life today!

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