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In a world where celebrities and models pressure society to look younger, many Americans have made conscious efforts to look (and feel) more youthful than their age. Some may rely on working out regularly at the gym while others may use plastic surgery and other cosmetic approaches to youth. 

Thymulin is a more medical approach in anti-aging efforts. Thymulin is a type of nonapeptide; that is, it is a string of amino acids in a person’s bloodstream. These amino acids enhance antibody production through positive correlations between zinc levels and prolong skin graft survival. In other words, thymulin peptide uses zinc particles to prevent the aging of the skin, thus improving one’s physical appearance.

The Carragher Method offers the option of thymulin peptide therapy aimed at anti-aging efforts. Our doctors have great expertise in this area of therapy and it has been proven to reduce the appearance of aging as well as work on an intracellular level to influence DNA and tissue repair.

Other Benefits of Thymulin

The presence of zinc in the body acts as an antidepressant due to its molecular mechanism and the presence of NMDA receptors. The NMDA receptors promote endorphins which improve one’s mood and prolongs aging. This is why thymulin peptide optimization is recommended to those who desire to combat depression (without all those side effects you hear about in the commercials!)

Thymulin peptide optimization has other benefits as well. Biologically active thymulin particles consist of compacted DNA nanoparticles such as poly-L-Lysine and polyethylene glycol which prevent lung inflammation and remodeling. As such, DSIP is more effective than other anti-aging methods as it not only makes people look younger, but it strengthens their immune system so you can enjoy a long, healthy, and youthful life.

The Carragher Method is a methodology that helps with Age Management & Longevity.  Benefits of The Carragher Method, in addition to those mentioned above, include weight loss, decreased fatigue, and a stronger immune system. Hormones include BPC-157, TB-500, and PT-141, all of which help boost the immune system while deaccelerating one’s aging. Contact The Carragher Method today to determine which hormone is ideal for you!

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